Dear Business Partners,

Our company will switch to the following working order from today in order to reduce the negative effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which is becoming more common every day.

Alternative working order was started during working hours on weekdays. Some of our staff will continue to serve you from the office and the rest from home through the online system. There will be no disruption to our services during this process. You can call your customer representative from mobile numbers and get service. Product deliveries will be either from the warehouse or by cargo.

We present to your information, we wish you healthy days.

EGD 200 Gas Detector

      EGD 200 series gas detectors are designed to operate in internal environment such as the industry and also for houses  and can be easly installed on wall. It has been manufactured with high technology and designed to detect flammable and toxic gases or concentration of steams.


      EGD 200 series gas detectors are also designed to secure places where LPG and natural gases are used. This device can detect the gas leaks in the industry and in houses. Gas leak spreads quietly and can be fatal . People can lose consciousness if it is not detected immediately. Also this situation can cause very severe explosions.  EGD 200 series gas detector gives audible and visual indications and warns you to take necessary precautions urgently when predestined gas concentration level is reached. EGD 200 series gas detectors  are manufactured in accordance with EN50194-1 standards.


      Ergonomic design

      • White detector case and elegant design
      • Sensitive to LPG and natural gasses
      • High quality gas sensor
      • 12,24 and 220V options
      • Can be controlled by test button in anytime
      • Gives alarm signal over 70dB
      • Mounting kit for easy installation