ZP2 Repeater Panel

      The fire panel repeaters supplied in local language come with a 2010-2-NB network board already fitted. Except for having no addressable loops and corresponding programmable outputs, the setup is similar as a normal fire panel. It and has its own power supply, 2 conventional relay outputs and 2 supervised outputs, working in pair and dedicated to common fire and fault conditions, as well as 2 user configurable inputs for monitoring and control are available.

      The repeaters use a node on the network, similar like a normal panel with a maximum of 32 nodes / 32 loops network of fire panels, fire panel repeaters (including conventional fire panels and fire panel repeaters up to a maximum of 64 conventional zones). Last but not least, in case seperate zone indications are required, a 20 or 40 zone fire/fault LED indicator board can be mounted in the panel or repeater with ample space for text.