NB326-SH-4-12NC Combine (Smoke+Heat) Detector 12V

      It includes both smoke and fixed heat detector’s features.It is rather designed for fire types that burns fast and from inside.It performs better than those detectors with only one feature and it’s generally used for indsutrial and housing reasons.It’s also efficient to us for UPS, computer rooms and telephone switchboards.The detector has an aesthetic appearance and it’s ideal to use for modern buildings. It is also used in commercial and industrial work areas due to its ability to be used at the low profile mold ,  top of a plaster.When the device is alarmed, 2 strong LEDs, to be seen from a long distance, are used. Detector base is specially engineered so the detector can be easily de-attached and attached. The detector base can be assembled or disassembled from the socket with a slight rotation.It is preferred at  Burglar alarm systems and automation systems in particular.