NOVA- AFCP-B Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection and Control Panels - Large Case (Eleks)

      Eleks Nova-AFCP-B Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection on and Control Panels increasing up to 6 Loops support up to 1,440 devices. Panel allows the user to see the warnings such as fire / fault; It provides clear and readable text with 4 lines, 40 characters in backlit LCD display. There are 24 built-in zone indicators. Up to 64, additional programmable LED display and Thermal Internal Printer can be optionally added to the Nova-AFCP-B model. Nova-AFCP-B model has 4 conventional monitoring sounder outputs. USB for computer connection and RS485 / 232 outputs area available as serial port. 1 programmable I / O is available. User Friendly Management Keys and Easy Menu in Turkish. Easy to install and make changes with the configuration software. Ability to display any warning from devices on the panel as desired, with action modes. In factory settings, the basic scenario is assigned as ZONE1 for all inputs and output group for audio and visual devices as 1. When no change is made, if the alarm comes from ZONE1, all audio and visual devices will be active. Loop Distance with 1.5 'cable reaches to 3 Km with 240 devices. (Varies with cable impedance.) Network capability of up to 96 panels. Possibility to make 255 input zones, 96 output groups and ability to create 100 scenarios. 6 language options (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).

      Certified with EN54-2 and EN54-4 Standards.

      Brand: Eleks
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