EFİRE-ESB Beaon Sounder (Eleks)

      It is an ideal product series for indoor areas that require high IP class protection. In addition to the selectable sound level and tone, the general features of this series allow even people with partial vision loss in the illuminated room to be warned comfortably in case of an alarm. Special lens design does not cause temporary blindness as well as realizing the required illumination defined by EN54-23 with minimum current consumption.

      Efire Series Fire warning systems Max. It has a sound level of 105dB / m (A) and provides a minimum illumination intensity of 0.4 lux when operated in a maximum 7m room with 8 tones and 32 melodies selection. Sound and melody suitable for different environments can be selected. After energized, it starts working at maximum 1 second and a fast warning is provided. Made of IP 44 protection class and ABS-FR raw material, the product continues to operate until the last moment in case of fire.

      Certified with EN EN54-3 and EN54-23.

      Brand: Eleks
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